Conference Evening

Conference evening in Botanic Gardens

On the evening of wednesday the 1st of July there will be a nice evening with drinks, food and entertainment. The evening is taking place in the beautiful setting of the Botanic Gardens of Utrecht University. The delegates will have the opportunity to meet colleagues in an informal ambiance and visit the gardens during the whole evening.

Trial demo’s will be given by Patrick Smit and music will be taken care of by Mooi Weer op Straat.

All together and nice evening after a day of meetings.

About the Botanic Gardens
At the very heart of the province of Utrecht there is a unique natural treasure consisting of thousands of plant species: the Botanic Gardens of Utrecht University. The Gardens are situated at Fort Hoofddijk in the city of Utrecht. Visitors are very welcome in this colourful and fascinating world, where they can discover nature at its best.
The more than 6,000 plant species in the Botanic Gardens, that over a period of more than 350 years have been gathered for scientific research during expeditions or traded as seeds with other Botanic Gardens, come from all over the world. Some plants are very rare or have already become extinct in nature. We do our best to preserve these plants for the future.
Fort Hoofddijk is located at the Uithof university campus and comprises various gardens. The development of the Fort Hoofddijk gardens started in 1963 and in the following years new parts have been successfully added.
The gardens are located within walking distance from the conference venue.

For more information: Botanic Gardens 

See for the location the Area map Science & Cycling