Mikel Zabala

Mikel Zabala


Due to personal circumstances Mikel’s keynote has been cancelled. The organisation and committee are pleased to announce that in a very late stage Frédéric Grappe (Head of Performance FDJ Pro Cycling Team) agreed to deliver a keynote.


MIKEL ZABALA holds a PhD in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences  from the University of Granada and Liverpool John Moores University. He is Vicedean and Senior Lecturer of masters study of Cycling and Science and Cycling (PhD studies) in the Faculty of Sport Sciences (University of Granada).

Currently Director of the Cycling Research Center (www.cycling-research.com) and author of various scientific papers about cycling and training.

A Member of the CTS545 research group “Physical activity, sport, and ergonomics for the quality of life”. Master level in High Performance Sport (Spanish Olympic Committee and UPM). Coach of different international pro cyclists.

Director of Projects for the prevention of Doping (Spanish Cycling Federation) 2008-Now. Technical Director of the Spanish Cycling Federation 2007-2008. Spanish Mountain Bike Team Manager 2004-2006. Coach in the Spanish Cycling Federation 1999-2004. UCI Level Cycling Manager. Former Motocross rider and former cyclist, now master 30 cyclist.